Get your AB4U button code

If you would like to link to Art Blogs 4 U with this button

Links you to artists who like to blog about their art

Full Instructions:

First of all you need the HTML code for the link button for the Art Blogs 4 U site. Here it is:

- copy and paste the following code but REPLACE each * with <:

*center>*a href="">*img src="" alt="Links you to artists who like to blog about their art" style="border: medium none ; width: 88px; height: 31px;" />*/a>*/center>

1. T
o copy the code - highlight it and press the Ctrl + C keys simultaneously.

2. Click on "Dashboard" at the top of your Blog page.

3. Now Select and Click on "Layout" from the row of options.

4. Find and Click on "Add a Gadget"

5. Choose "HTML/JavaScript" from the list of options

6. Now PASTE the button code into the box by pressing the Ctrl + V keys simultaneously. Do not put anything in the title/subject line at the top of the box - just copy the code into the 'body' of the box.

7. Once you have "Saved" the code you should be able to see the AB4U link button on your blog page.

8. If you want to move it to a different place on your blog you must go into "Layout" again and Drag the box to where you want it and press Save.

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... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.