Serena Lewis

Hi there! I was first introduced to art over fourteen years ago when I took some basic lessons in Folk Art techniques. While this was only available to me for a very short time, it did ignite a passion for painting that I have enjoyed ever since. I am basically self-taught and I love the challenge of trying to achieve a sense of realism in my art. I was approached to teach art classes over three years ago and I currently teach two mornings a week. It's very rewarding for me to see the look of pride on my student's faces when they complete a new painting. I work with acrylics and, in 2007, I plan to focus my art more on wildlife and domestic animals though I do paint other subjects also. My Blog is a place for me to share my continuing journey through art as well as my personal musings about various topics. I invite you to pop in for a visit anytime and share part of that journey with me. You are always welcome.

Serena's Blog


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