Barbara Demgen

I’m often asked what I like about painting, especially my most favorite medium, whether it is oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Asking me this is quite like asking what type of candy I prefer in a box of chocolates. They’re all fabulous, as are all the materials I’ve used in creating the hundreds of paintings over a career spanning forty years. What matters most is that I am painting. Those of us that enjoy our visual world need a way of recording it. Whether you take vacation photos or just a picture of those exquisite tulips you grew last spring, you can understand how important it is to have a memory of it. It’s that way with painting. I must record the beauty I see in order to remember it myself and to have others remember it, too.

One painting teacher I had in graduate school told me to keep painting, no matter what. Her philosophy said it all. She believed that painting was more than the application of paint to surfaces. It was a pure process by which we encourage ourselves to carefully examine our surroundings, reflect on what we see, and leave lasting images for those that follow. Most notably, she believed that we ought to enjoy and value the painting process by which we grow as individuals each time we pick up the brush.

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