HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US - three years old today!


Three years ago today the first post on Art Blogs 4 U said:


About Art Blogs 4 U

Have you ever tried to join a list of links to art blogs? (there are several around)
Did weeks go by and your name not appear?
Like to help to make THIS list a success?

If you answered YES .... then PLEASE READ ON!

This list is open to anyone practising 2-dimensional fine art who writes a blog about their work, but please no blogs about digital art or photography.

In the first box of the Linky below write the name exactly as you want it to appear in the list, e.g. Sarah Doe, or Sarah Doe's Art, or The Complete Doodler, etc.
In the second box add URL to your blog only (i.e. no websites).

Links will be added to the main list on a regular basis - but even if this is delayed for any reason your link will be on view in the Linky list so you can't lose!

Placing a reciprocal link to this site on your own blog would be very much appreciated and will help to increase traffic to the list.

N.B. Blog owner reserves the right to remove the link to any blog that is not about 2-dimensional art or which contains lewd, libellous or otherwise offensive material.


So where are we three years on? ..........

Well, like Topsy, we grew until over 250 artist links had been added to the site by October 2009.

However, following the recent (incredibly time consuming) link check, at least 80 out of those 250 artists were found to a) have removed their reciprocal link, b) closed their blogs and moved to websites, or c) their blog links no longer worked.

Currently AB4U membership stands at 170 artist bloggers ............ and a BIG THANK YOU goes to those artist members still blogging about their art and maintaining their links


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... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.