Update and new artists added!

First of all sincere apologies to all those artists who have applied for inclusion in recent months, - I am sorry that it has been so long since this blog was undated but a bad fall (with injuries including a badly broken arm) caused a backlog in all sorts of daily activities, let alone blog updating! And for those who get a bit impatient I would like to add that I do not make any money out of this site .... it is a LABOUR of LOVE!

Having just spent several hours over the past few days going through the applications, here are a few of the reasons why an art blog may not get accepted:

  • There is no link to AB4U on the artists website.
  • There are very few examples of the artists work on display and/or the blog is very new.
  • The majority of the work displayed is not 2-dimensional art.
  • The majority of the work is digital art, photography or craftwork.

NOW - a BIG WELCOME to some very clever artists!

Anna Schueler

Lisa Argentieri

Catherine LaPointe

Kathleen Walker
Deborah Paige Jackson

Laura Locke

Mary C Nasser

Stephen Williams

Eithna Joyce

Jane Crisp

Magdalene Lima Fiallos

Mary Maxam


... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.