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New Update, New Members!

Starting as a new feature today - in addition to listings under 'alphabetical' and 'medium', names of new members (linked to their blogs) will be announced in a post like this:

WELCOME to 9 New Members!

Stephanie Allison

Laura Barber-Riley

Linda Gruger Hanson

Bonnie Heather

Keith Lawrence Palmer

John Ransom Phillips

Cindy Saadeh

Cathy Spearing

Erin Spencer

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US - three years old today!


Three years ago today the first post on Art Blogs 4 U said:


About Art Blogs 4 U

Have you ever tried to join a list of links to art blogs? (there are several around)
Did weeks go by and your name not appear?
Like to help to make THIS list a success?

If you answered YES .... then PLEASE READ ON!

This list is open to anyone practising 2-dimensional fine art who writes a blog about their work, but please no blogs about digital art or photography.

In the first box of the Linky below write the name exactly as you want it to appear in the list, e.g. Sarah Doe, or Sarah Doe's Art, or The Complete Doodler, etc.
In the second box add URL to your blog only (i.e. no websites).

Links will be added to the main list on a regular basis - but even if this is delayed for any reason your link will be on view in the Linky list so you can't lose!

Placing a reciprocal link to this site on your own blog would be very much appreciated and will help to increase traffic to the list.

N.B. Blog owner reserves the right to remove the link to any blog that is not about 2-dimensional art or which contains lewd, libellous or otherwise offensive material.


So where are we three years on? ..........

Well, like Topsy, we grew until over 250 artist links had been added to the site by October 2009.

However, following the recent (incredibly time consuming) link check, at least 80 out of those 250 artists were found to a) have removed their reciprocal link, b) closed their blogs and moved to websites, or c) their blog links no longer worked.

Currently AB4U membership stands at 170 artist bloggers ............ and a BIG THANK YOU goes to those artist members still blogging about their art and maintaining their links


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April newsflash!

More artist members have been added today:

Welcome to -

Hye Y Coh
Maria Hathaway
J.L. Giles Rivera
Jara Frisk
Daniel Bridges
Paul Wolber
John Mulvay

[N.B. Artists cannot be added unless they have been posting on their blog for at least 3 months]

Reciprocal links:

It is very disappointing to find that some members are not displaying a reciprocal link to Art Blogs 4 U on their blogs. How selfish is that? In future such artists' details will be removed from this site.


Due to unforeseen circumstances no new member applications can be considered for the time being. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Thank you


A warm welcome to these new artists added today:

Tilly Strauss
Cathy Bockel
Renee Coates
Gemma Mortlock
Marina Petro
Mark Webster
Nancy Tobin
Manuel Pereira da Silva

A bit of a disaster!

OUCH! - while sorting through all the new applications somehow or another I managed to delete them all before I could upload them to AB4U.

LUCKILY though I had written down all the details (names, URLs, media)! So having checked all the URLs out I will be adding several new artist links over the next day or so.

If your name does not appear it will be because:

a) there is no reciprocal link showing on your blog.
b) your blog has not been selected.

Please note - if you added a comment recently to any of the Artist Bios or Featured Paintings please check to see if it is there. If not please can you take a moment to leave another?

Thank you and happy painting!

More artists added today!

Welcome to 13 new artists -

Kellie Marian Hill
We Blog Artists
Laura M. Alex
Patrice Lynne Young
Jennifer Woodburn
Matthew Weld
Michelle Burnett
Deedee Hampton
Rog Lyngaas
Sylvia Jenstad
Lidija Ivanek
Carol Schiff
Meadow Flower Design

And very best wishes to all artists on Art Blogs 4 U
for a productive and successful year in 2009

Blogger still not working properly!

Blogger is still not working properly but at last I have found a way round it ... so will be posting again more regularly from now on. Fingers firmly crossed!!!

Up and running once more !!!!!

As I posted here recently, I haven't been able to edit either of my blogs' layout recently due to problems with Blogger Layout page. This has been going on for several weeks and AT LAST I have found out what was causing the problem .... many months ago I added a scrolling bar feature to the top of my art blog (a rather nice banner showing a selection of my paintings) and apparently it was this that was preventing the Edit features on the Layout pages from working properly. And the reason? ..... all because I had not written the widget in Javascript on my Template!!!! [Not that I would know how to (!) and, in any case, everything worked fine initially until Blogger added some Super Dooper Whooper something or other .... so much for progress! ]

Anyway, I've deleted the scrolling banner from the other blog and am now able to access ALL the editing features on BOTH blogs. Happily this means that I have been able to UPDATE and ADD all the new artist members data to Art Blogs 4 U .... my apologies to ALL who have been patiently waiting ........ we now have 177 member artists!!

UPDATE - Message to new applicants

I know that there are currently a lot of new applications to join Art Blogs 4 U [which is excellent!] but processing has had to be delayed for a number of reasons. And today I am unable to access the Editing feature of the site Layout to start adding new members .... something is quite definitely wrong with Blogger!!

Sadly, I will be unavailable for the next few days but will get things moving again A.S.A.P. when I return.

With my sincere apologies!

P.S. May i just remind everyone that names will not be published on AB4U without a reciprocal list placed on the artist's own blog.

News for 2008

First of all best wishes to all Member Artists for a happy and successful 2008!

Art Blogs 4 U is well on the way to having 160 members ..... fantastic!

Just a couple of housekeeping matters ...........

1. Would-be members sometimes email me instead of adding their details via 'Artists if you'd like to join' in the left hand column. Sorry, but membership can only be considered if artists leave their details via the site.

2. Some artists are not placing a reciprocal link to Art Blogs 4 U on their blogs, or have removed them. This is unfair to the rest of the members .... the success of the site depends on everyone playing their part in promoting it. No Link = No Listing and this will be strictly enforced from now on!

Art Blogs 4 U is becoming increasingly popular .... this is evident by traffic to the site which is increasing steadily. Hopefully, many of you are getting more visitors to your blogs via the site? .... some feedback on this would be very much appreciated.

Happy painting, everyone!

News from Art Blogs 4 U .....

I've been away for a few weeks but I'm back now busy updating Art Blogs 4 U. The site has been up and running for seven months and we currently have 109 artists listed! .... this is really GOOD NEWS. However, some members have been lost to us because they have taken the reciprocal link from their blogs .... this is sad. Displaying a link to Art Blogs 4 U is necessary to remain listed here.

It has been pointed out to me this week that clarification of criteria for inclusion at Art Blogs 4 U may be in order:

1. The artist's work should be mainly two-dimensional - definition "having only length and width" - as in a drawing/painting/wall-hanging. Three-dimensional work is "of, relating to, having or existing in three dimensions" - as in free-standing sculpture, ceramics, decorative artifacts, etc. Blogs displaying mostly three-dimensional art will not be included.

2. For the purpose of this blog the genre Mixed Media is defined as "where more than one method/medium is used on the same support".

3. The Blog Owner reserves the right to choose which blogs are/are not included .... editorial privilege!

AND A WARM WELCOME goes to our latest members added today ..... Roxanne Vise, Amy Smith, Pauline Adair, Suzy K, Sharon Murphy, Louisa Kelly, David Kreinberg, Jax Chachitz, Margaret, Melody Lea Lamb, Duncan Brown.

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... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.