First New Members of 2011

A WARM WELCOME to yet more exciting artists!

Steve Abbot

Sandra Busby

Braxton Garris

Scott Plaster

Carole Reid

Nerina Lascelles

Zoe Long


I hope that you will enjoy this beautiful singing plus a painting from our latest Member -

Scott Heide

And this piece from yet another new member

Daniel Thomson

Introducing things new!

WARMLY WELCOMING our latest New Members - and a new format! A sample of art from each new member will be posted with their introduction from now on. Also existing members art will be posted in a 'Feature' from time to time.

Gina DaCruz

Julie Arbuckle

Krista Howell

Mare-Liis Balles

Namrata Nayak

September Update

First of all a couple of important points -

1. This blog is non-profit and is only updated every 4-6 weeks - so some waiting may be involved. It's really a labour of love so please be patient.

2. Please ensure that you have a link to Art Blogs 4 U on your own blog ... its a lot of hassle having to e-mail those of you who have not placed one before asking to be listed here!

So now on to a
WARM WELCOME to more New Members!

Ruth Andre

Patsy Paterno

Shraddha Singh

Irina Sztukowski

Pat Haselton

Steve Driver

Jules Cadie

Deborah Leger


There are a number of artists waiting to be added to Art Blogs 4 U ........... apologies for the delay. Names and links will be added when I return in about 9 days time. Thank you for your patience.

New Update, New Members!

Starting as a new feature today - in addition to listings under 'alphabetical' and 'medium', names of new members (linked to their blogs) will be announced in a post like this:

WELCOME to 9 New Members!

Stephanie Allison

Laura Barber-Riley

Linda Gruger Hanson

Bonnie Heather

Keith Lawrence Palmer

John Ransom Phillips

Cindy Saadeh

Cathy Spearing

Erin Spencer

NEWSFLASH ,,,, back on line!

My apologies to those of you who have asked to be members of this site and have not yet been included .... firstly I have been very busy with other things and, secondly, for the past 2 weeks I have had no Broadband connection. However, I am back 'on-line' as of today and will endeavour to catch up a.s.a.p.

Many thanks for your patience.

Featured Painting by Judith HeartSong

Judith HeartSong's Blog

Judith HeartSong

Judith Olivia HeartSong is a professional artist of more than twenty-five years with a penchant for exuberant color. As a painter she creates splashy watercolors featuring abstracted women and acrylics of bold, iconic flowers. There is a seamless flow from one beautiful thing to another in her work with a dreamlike quality that delights.

An exploration of mixed media began with a course at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida, and since then mixed media additions tend to find their way into the paintings the artist creates. Mixed media boxes incorporate words, images, and found objects housed in shadowbox forms; and most recently Artsy Mirrors and Boxes are painted and sometimes decoupaged before dozens of beautiful handmade and lampwork beads are added using solid brass nails. The beads are collected here, there, and everywhere during the artist’s travels.

The Artsy Mirrors and Artsy Boxes are an additional project in the studio while paint is drying and ideas are percolating. Busy hands are never idle for long. With an ever-changing collection of beads, Milagros from Mexico, sequins, and other decorative items, no two mirrors are alike, and each is a creative adventure. The Artsy Mirrors and Artsy Boxes are currently for sale in several galleries and shops in Maryland, DC, Delaware, and Cape May, New Jersey.

The artist has work in numerous public and private collections including the Permanent Collection of Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. A painting was presented to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Inauguration in 1993, and she painted a large mural at the National Zoo in 2003. Most recently Princess Cruise Lines has made arrangements to distribute signed limited edition prints of her work on their cruise ships beginning in 2008.

Judith HeartSong's Blog

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US - three years old today!


Three years ago today the first post on Art Blogs 4 U said:


About Art Blogs 4 U

Have you ever tried to join a list of links to art blogs? (there are several around)
Did weeks go by and your name not appear?
Like to help to make THIS list a success?

If you answered YES .... then PLEASE READ ON!

This list is open to anyone practising 2-dimensional fine art who writes a blog about their work, but please no blogs about digital art or photography.

In the first box of the Linky below write the name exactly as you want it to appear in the list, e.g. Sarah Doe, or Sarah Doe's Art, or The Complete Doodler, etc.
In the second box add URL to your blog only (i.e. no websites).

Links will be added to the main list on a regular basis - but even if this is delayed for any reason your link will be on view in the Linky list so you can't lose!

Placing a reciprocal link to this site on your own blog would be very much appreciated and will help to increase traffic to the list.

N.B. Blog owner reserves the right to remove the link to any blog that is not about 2-dimensional art or which contains lewd, libellous or otherwise offensive material.


So where are we three years on? ..........

Well, like Topsy, we grew until over 250 artist links had been added to the site by October 2009.

However, following the recent (incredibly time consuming) link check, at least 80 out of those 250 artists were found to a) have removed their reciprocal link, b) closed their blogs and moved to websites, or c) their blog links no longer worked.

Currently AB4U membership stands at 170 artist bloggers ............ and a BIG THANK YOU goes to those artist members still blogging about their art and maintaining their links


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Feature painting by B J Wright

Soft morning

B. J. Wright

BJ Wright studied art briefly in the mid 1970's. In 1998, a trip to Ireland with her daughter reawakened the desire to paint landscapes. Since then she has painted from her own photographs and imagined landscapes. In 2005, a plein air workshop whetted her appetite for the experience of painting outdoors, which has become her passion. Her artworks are in collections in Ireland and in the Southeastern USA.

B J Wrights' Blog

Featured painting by Barbara Demgen

Barbara's Blog

Barbara Demgen

I’m often asked what I like about painting, especially my most favorite medium, whether it is oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Asking me this is quite like asking what type of candy I prefer in a box of chocolates. They’re all fabulous, as are all the materials I’ve used in creating the hundreds of paintings over a career spanning forty years. What matters most is that I am painting. Those of us that enjoy our visual world need a way of recording it. Whether you take vacation photos or just a picture of those exquisite tulips you grew last spring, you can understand how important it is to have a memory of it. It’s that way with painting. I must record the beauty I see in order to remember it myself and to have others remember it, too.

One painting teacher I had in graduate school told me to keep painting, no matter what. Her philosophy said it all. She believed that painting was more than the application of paint to surfaces. It was a pure process by which we encourage ourselves to carefully examine our surroundings, reflect on what we see, and leave lasting images for those that follow. Most notably, she believed that we ought to enjoy and value the painting process by which we grow as individuals each time we pick up the brush.

Barbara's Blog


... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.