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2012 October Artists

It is very sad when I come to pick artists and their paintings for this spot I often find that there is no longer a link back to Art Blogs 4 U on their websites, with the result that I have to delete their details from here. 

So here is a very BIG thank-you to those of you who keep the faith! The latest painters to be featured are:

Susan Borgas

Nellie Bass Durand

Laura Frankstone

Dawn Papandrea-Khan

Ronell van Wyk


Last new additions .....................

A WARM WELCOME to the last new members added in 2011!  
And warmest wishes for a happy and successful year 
to ALL Art Blogs 4 U Members for 2012.

Claudia Weigel

Graham Matthews

Steven Barrett

Gregory Mason

Allan Lister

Update and new artists added!

First of all sincere apologies to all those artists who have applied for inclusion in recent months, - I am sorry that it has been so long since this blog was undated but a bad fall (with injuries including a badly broken arm) caused a backlog in all sorts of daily activities, let alone blog updating! And for those who get a bit impatient I would like to add that I do not make any money out of this site .... it is a LABOUR of LOVE!

Having just spent several hours over the past few days going through the applications, here are a few of the reasons why an art blog may not get accepted:

  • There is no link to AB4U on the artists website.
  • There are very few examples of the artists work on display and/or the blog is very new.
  • The majority of the work displayed is not 2-dimensional art.
  • The majority of the work is digital art, photography or craftwork.

NOW - a BIG WELCOME to some very clever artists!

Anna Schueler

Lisa Argentieri

Catherine LaPointe

Kathleen Walker
Deborah Paige Jackson

Laura Locke

Mary C Nasser

Stephen Williams

Eithna Joyce

Jane Crisp

Magdalene Lima Fiallos

Mary Maxam

Easter additions!

Around 50% of artists applying to join AB4U have not bothered to place a link on their site. May I just say it one more time? ..... you will not be considered if you haven't placed a link (and my time will have been wasted and you will have been disappointed)!

However, here are the latest members to successfully (with their links in place!) apply and be selected ....


Kathryn Ragan

Kyla Tomlinson

Kristiina Haataja

Christine Newkirk

Jade Townsend

Lorraine Watry

Barbara A.Newton


... please note that many artists work in more than one genre and/or medium, but are only listed under one category heading here.